Eclipse - Second To None


The second Eclipse album was the first full lenght album I ever recorded. I recorded my drum parts in November 2001. The band didn't have a record deal at the time but we finally got signed by Frontiers Records. The album was released on April 5, 2004.


Second To None was also released in Japan, with the bonus track Masterpiece Girl, and Russia.


It is a rare cd among collectors.

Toby Hitchcock - Mercury's Down


Released in 2011. I was supposed to play on the whole album, but due to a tight schedule at the time I only had time to play on three of the songs.


The album got some great tunes written and produced by Erik Mårtensson.

Jimi Jamison - Live At Firefest


What a singer! This was a dream come true. Playing with one of my favorite singers. This show was Jimi's first ever in the UK. I'm happy I was a part of it.


The band also included members of H.E.A.T.


Released in 2011. Also released as a dvd.

Jimi Jamison - Never Too Late


This was to be Jimi's last cd. I am so proud to be a part of this album. I play drums on every song and Jimi was happy I was able to do so.


This album got some really great songs with amazing vocals. The title track is a classic.


Released in 2012. It was also released in Japan with one bonus track.

Grand Design - Thrill Of The Night


The idea with this band is to capture the sound of 80's arena hard rock, and especially the sound of Def Leppard. Well, I think we did a great job with this one. There is a bunch of great songs on this album.


Released September 2014. It was also released in Japan with two bonus tracks.

Eclipse - Armageddonize


In August 2014 I got a call from Erik Mårtensson. He asked me if I could play bass. I said sure, no problem. And there I was, back in Eclipse after several years of absence, ready to record this classic.


This album really kicks some serious a**.

It ended up as no 6 on the Swedish album charts.


Released world wide February 22, 2015. Released in Japan with one bonus track. Also released as a limited edition vinyl. 100 white vinyls and 400 black vinyls.

Nordic Union - Nordic Union


A colaboration with Erik Mårtensson and Pretty Maids singer Ronnie Atkins.


Release date January 29, 2016.

Eclipse - Are You Ready To Rock MMXIV (Japan)


Released September 2016. This Japan pressing contains the demo version of the song Unbreakable. I recorded the drums in Eclipse's then rehearsal place back in 2005. The demo version is, in many ways, better than the version that ended up on the actual album.


Not many people know that I also did the arrangement of the song. The original idea was really bad.

Eclipse - Monumentum


Released March 24, 2017. Not a bad review so far. Went straight to number 1 on the Swedish hardrock chart and number 19 on the Swedish album chart. Say no more.


Also released in Japan with a bonus track. Downfall Of Eden (acoustic)


The Sweet According to Sweden


Released in 2004. A compilation of various Swedish hard rock bands covering songs by The Sweet.


Eclipse plays their own version of the song Need A Lot Of Loving.

Rock For Japan


After the earthquake in Japan 2011 this compilation was made by AOR Heaven to raise money.


I play on the Mitch Malloy track Anything At All. Taken from the live dvd Live From Rock City.

Melodic Rockfest 4


This compilation includes all the bands that played at the Melodic Rock Fest 4 in Chicago, 2014.


Grand Design's got one song on this one.

Mitch Malloy - Live From Rock City


This is the only gig I've done with Mitch Malloy. It was filmed at Firefest festival in Nottingham, UK, 2008.


We only had a few days of rehearsal before the show. I think it turned out really well.


Released 2009.

Jimi Jamison - Live At Firefest


Great gig. See more info in cd section above.

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